20 years later-Working with 3D Studio

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I was looking at some of my early work and I realized it’s been 20 years since I started learning and creating 3D Visualisations. I admit that the first few years were more trial and error and learning the trade, but nevertheless challenging.

I first worked with 3D Studio when Windows OS wasn’t available yet. As some of you may recall, thee most popular OS was DOS. Computers were not as fast as what we have today and an 800X600 would take 2 hours to render.


With the introduction of Windows, came many versions of 3D Studio MAX.

One of my first contract was helping an inventor visualize his invention which was a a large briefcase that would become a small playhouse for kids. This product wasn’t as successful as the inventor has hoped for.


Then in summer of 99 I was introduced to Luc who was doing office planning in AutoCAD. He needed someone who could produce 3D renderings. As I look at my renderings now, I see so many mistakes, but at the same time, I realize I had to start from somewhere, and that somewhere was from the bottom of the ladder.


Office4 copy


Since then, I’ve produced thousands upon thousands of 3D Renderings, and every time I’ve trying to perfect my art. Computer programs got better, CPU and GPU speed got faster, and I certainly got older 🙂 But I still enjoy firing up that old 3D Studio Max.


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