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I’m sure every organization has its own folder structure and workflow. I have improved my workflow and my work folder structure over the years. Here is a summary:

  • First of all I have two hard drives which act as one. (They are formated in RAID 1 or miroir) This will ensure a real time back of all my important documents. In an event of one hard drive failure, all I have to do is to replace the failed HD with a new one, and all the data will copy itself to a new drive and they will be synced.

  • Every week I also make another copy to a separate HD. This is to ensure that if both hard drives fail, which would be unlikely, I’d have another copy of working files somewhere else.
  • I have created an empty folder structure for my projects. When a project starts, I create the project name under the client’s folder and copy the empty folder under the project folder. This way each document, images, rendering etc, will have its own place.


  • Since I’ve started photography a few years ago, I have also another drive where I store my images that I take. I have created a different folder structure for photography projects. For instance I have a dedicated folder where I put my son’s pictures. I start by putting the date and the event’s name after the date.
  • This method has a few advantages:
  1. I know the exact date that I took the pictures
  2. Second I know what is inside the folder before opening it.
  • I’ve also improved my system a bit over the years. I was using a simple date format starting with dd/mm/yy.   But I’ve found that when sorted by name, the folder structure doesn’t align correctly. So I’ve been using yyyy/mm/dd format. This way all my folders will be sorted chronically. I’ve also realized I had too many folders after my son turned one year old. So I moved everything to a subfolder Year 01 etc. 🙂


I’ve also created a few empty templates for my 3D Studio Max projects which I will cover in another post.


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